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Nantwich Museum produces a journal of research articles which is sent out to members. This compendium edition of journal articles produced between 2016-2020 brings together a fascinating range of local history stories. Articles, by a diversity of authors, focus on the history of Nantwich and feature much unique research not featured elsewhere.

Articles include

  • Wesley Knowles – the Shrewbridge Road Signalman who lost both his arms.
  • Nantwich Pubs and their Signs.
  • Time for Coffee by Museum Research Group.
  • Nantwich at Play: Some Social Influences.
  • Samuel Jackson and Sons.
  • Nantwich Aqueduct – the Most Perfect Workmanship.
  • Popular Education in Victorian Times.
  • The Three Grammar Schools.
  • Local Place Names – A New Appraisal.
  • Neutralism in the English Civil War.
  • Why and how Nantwich Became a Parliamentary Garrison.
  • Landscape with Mills – a Review of Local Mills.
  • H. Allan Whatley MA FLA.
  • The River Weaver in Nantwich: an Introduction to its Chemistry and Environment.
  • Women with Long Knives — Fact or Propaganda!
  • The Wilbrahams of Townsend.
  • Railway Sign Returns.
  • William Andrews Nesfield (1794-1881) – Successively Soldier, Watercolourist and Landscape Designer.
  • Cheshire’s Norman Castles.
  • Local Portents & Signs in the Seventeenth Century.
  • The Struggle for Women’s Suffrage: Nantwich Stories.
  • Chalk and Cheese – Trade and Agriculture in the Shropshire/Cheshire Borders During the Canal Era.
  • Joseph Priestley, Local Polymath.
  • Roman Wyches.
  • The Early History of Townwell House, Welsh Row, Nantwich.
  • Land Use, Value and Ownership in Nantwich in 1910.
  • Ruth E Gilbert (1899-2003).

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