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Albert Neilson Hornby was born in Blackburn, and later moved to Nantwich. He was frequently referred to as A. N. Hornby and also acquired the nickname “Monkey Hornby”.

This booklet tells the story of this remarkable person. It outlines how the Hornby family made a fortune out of cotton manufacturing. His family were also successful in Parliament – his father, uncle, and two of his brothers all served as the MP for Blackburn. However A. N. Hornby’s forte was on the sports field. A keen horse rider, he also played football for Blackburn Rovers. He was the first of only two men to captain the country at both rugby and cricket.

Monkey Hornby

However he will be remembered as the cricket captain when England lost the Test match against the Australians in 1882. This gave rise to the Ashes. This booklet, illustrated with rare pictures,  tells of his life and time in Nantwich. He married the daughter of Herbert Ingram (founder of “The Illustrated London News”). There’s also a brief history of their four sons. His youngest son, John, was an Arctic explorer who led a disastrous exploration in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

A. N. Hornby played cricket for Lancashire County Cricket Club for nearly forty years (1867-1906). He gave the club a lot of money and helped buy Old Trafford.

Grave of A N Hornby and family in Acton near Nantwich
Hornby’s grave

This booklet is strongly recommended to cricket fans. A understanding of this man’s background, helps to explain why he was so successful.

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