A. N. Hornby


This booklet tells the remarkable story A. N. Hornby, the England cricket captain – whose side lost the Test match which gave rise to the Ashes.

Albert Hornby Grave

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One of only two people who became captain for both cricket and rugby for the country, A. N. Hornby was a remarkable person. He was a multi-talented sportsperson. He also played football (Hornby played for Blackburn Rovers in their inaugural game at Alexandra Meadows) and was also a good boxer, a runner and a very talented horse rider. At Harrow his lack of stature and excess of energy earned him the nickname “Monkey”.

This booklet tells the story of the Hornby family who made a fortune out of cotton in Lancashire. They were also very active in politics (Monkey Hornby’s father, uncle, and two of his brothers all became MPs).

The booklet describes his sporting career, which despite the match that started the Ashes was highly successful.  It contains rare photos of him and also covers where he lived in Nantwich.

The booklet also covers Hornby’s four sons – one of whom became an explorer, and has had books and a play written about him.

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