Nantwich in the 1910 Lloyd George Domesday Survey – Online Webinar


At 2pm on Wednesday 9 December 2020, Bill Pearson will deliver an online talk (using Zoom) about a 1910 survey of Nantwich. The correct name for this survey is the Duties on Land Values, although it acquired the nickname of the Lloyd George Domesday Survey. It was carried out by Board of Inland Revenue Valuation Office as part of 1910 Finance Act. These fascinating documents give an incite into life in Nantwich just before the outbreak of World War One. The records show owners and occupiers of properties and a description and valuation of the premises. The records continued to be used as working documents, and sometimes show later changes. Bill has taken over 900 photos of records (held at the National Archives at Kew) and will discuss some of his more interesting findings. This will be of interest to family historians and anyone interested in life in Nantwich just over a hundred years ago.

If you wish to attend, you will need to purchase your place at least one hour before the talk – and joining details will be sent via email.

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