Online Guest Exhibitions

We want to bring our programme of exhibitions to you and hope that you will also enjoy them in person when our galleries reopen in May and we resume our usual exhibitions programme.

The majority of our temporary exhibitions are by local artists or community groups and we encourage anyone wanting to showcase their work to get in touch.

Mark Sheeky with frame and painting making the artwork
Mark Sheeky with frame an example of his art


I have an eclectic output as an artist, spanning painting, sculpture, video, music, writing, performance, and I’ve always liked exploring the links between different media and art forms.

This online exhibition explores some of these collaborations, and it includes some of my oil paintings which have links with other art forms. – Mark Sheeky

Art exhibition by local artist Mark Sheeky is available online here.


Connected Threads exhibitionA Celebration of Stitch

Embroidery and textile arts by Connected Threads (the South Cheshire branch of the Embroiders’ Guild) is available online here.



Nantwich Camera Club exhibition
Seacliffe Beach Riders by Brian Sankey

2021 Nantwich Camera Club Photographic Exhibition

The Camera Club was formed in 1981 to promote the hobby of photography and provide an opportunity for memners to develop their skills in a social environment. It is affiliated to The Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union and The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and its work regularly features in area and national competitions. The annual exhibition by Nantwich Camera Club is available online here.



The Terror Bird by Val Hunt
The Terror Bird by Val Hunt

Endangered & Extinct

Val Hunt retrieves everyday things we throw away and presents them in a new and fascinating dimension.

To see the online version of this exhibition, please click here.





Auriculas by Sue Jones

Personal Voices by Breakaway Textile Group

This exhibition celebrates the  creative textile work of The Breakaway Textile group. It showcases their own personal styles and inspiration to produce an exciting range of work.

To see the online version of this exhibition, please click here.




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