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Welcome to Nantwich Museum’s Things To Do page. We shall be adding more family friendly activities soon, so please remember to keep visiting this page.

Find out about past events that shaped our town.

Events that have shaped the town – downloadable comics

Download, print, colour and find out more about the Battle of Nantwich and the Great Fire of Nantwich.

The Battle of Nantwich Comic by Nantwich Museum
The Battle of Nantwich

The Great Fire of Nantwich Comic by Nantwich Museum
The Great Fire of Nantwich

Click on the pictures above to download. Why not have a go at making your own comic?


We have developed a range of trails where you can explore out town and learn more about the history of Nantwich.  Remember to stay safe and observe social distancing. Please remember that many buildings are private property, but can be viewed from the road.

Nantwich Town Trail

Our town trail starts at the Museum, and guides you to some of the more interesting sites in our beautiful historic town. How many questions can you answer? An ideal activity to do as a family.

Nantwich Town Trail cover
Nantwich Town Trail

Nantwich Town Trail Answers

The Great Fire of Nantwich Trail

Find out more about how, and why, why this terrible disaster affected Nantwich.

The Great Fire of Nantwich Tour first page

Great Fire of Nantwich Trail

Nantwich Benchmark Trail

Did you know quite a few building in Nantwich have a special sign on them? Learn where to find them and what the signs were used for.

Nantwich Museum Benchmark Trail
Nantwich Benchmark Trail

Nantwich Workhouse Trail

Did you know that Nantwich had its own workhouse, where poor people ended up? This tour should be suitable for most ages – but younger primary children will appreciate some adult interpretation.

Nantwich Museum Workhouse Trail cover
Nantwich Workhouse Trail


Why not have a go at making your own timeline of events that have taken place in your life time? Take a look at our Nantwich timeline to find out all about the things that have happened in our town.

Nantwich Timeline
Nantwich Timeline

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