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Click here for our services to schools, which help bring history to life and are also mapped to the curriculum.

Holiday Workshops

We hold workshops during every school holiday.  Activities are usually based on one of our current exhibitions or an event that is taking place nationally or in the area.

It’s a chance for some fun and creativity (with the opportunity to explore the Museum). There is always something to make and take home and at least one quiz to get stuck into.

Key Information

  • Wednesday and Thursday of school holidays (apart from Christmas) 11am – 3pm
  • Drop-in
  • Cost is just £2 per child
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult

Large groups welcome but we would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance.

Town Tours

There’s more to Nantwich than you might imagine!  Would you like to learn more about the history of Nantwich? We can give you a guided tour of our historic town, and show you the actual spots in town where historic events took place.

As well as the tours that we feature the events section, the Museum offers tours of Nantwich for your own group.  These can be either a general tour, or one tailored to meet the requirements of the groups taking part. The tours usually take between an hour and a half and two hours.

Some of the periods on which we are able to focus include: Nantwich Pubs, Tudor Nantwich, Victorian Nantwich, The Battle of Nantwich and the Civil War. We can also tailor tours to concentrate on a specific theme – such as industry in the local area.

The cost of the group tours will be around £5 per person. We usually aim for a minimum of six people.

For more information please contact us or telephone Kate Dobson on 01270 627104.


Members of our Research Group offer talks to other groups.  Charges are modest, with all proceeds going to the museum.  Topics include:

  • The Story of Nantwich – told through objects from the Museum
  • Life During the Siege and Battle of Nantwich
  • Pills, Potions and Poisons: a Nantwich Apothecary’s Tale
  • Roman Nantwich
  • Nantwich’s Norman Castle
  • Tales of the Marches
  • Jackie Potts – local boxer
  • Winsford’s Inspector of Nuisances  – The development of “a vile town’s” infrastructure.
  • The Electro-Bleach Company – Once one of the largest chemical plants in the UK, why did it suddenly disappear in 1926 when all the files were ordered to be incinerated?
  • Why are there so many Chemical Plants in the Northwest? – Brine’s part in the development of the chemical industry in the Northwest
  • The discovery of a unique industrial gem in Middlewich and how it has been saved by enthusiastic volunteers
  • Travellers Tales of the Marches
  • The Story of the Shropshire Union Canal
  • Life on the Shropshire Union Canal
  • The Canal at Nantwich
  • A Cameo of the Six Towns
  • A Celebration of Salt – the story of Nantwich brine
  • Nantwich in Tudor Times
  • The Story of Crewe Hall
  • Crewe Hall at War
  • John Gerard, English Herbalist
  • Andrew Fuller Chater – a living memory
  • A Crewe Factory Girl – the life of Ada Nield Chew
  • Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On – the stories of theatres and cinema in Nantwich
  • Landscape with Mills – in the Nantwich Hundred
  • Fortresses of the Marches
  • When Turner Came to Town
  • The River Weaver’s Water: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • The Nantwich Parochial Library of St Mary’s Church
  • Joseph Priestley’s time in Nantwich 1758-1761
  • Nantwich Walled Garden and Townsend House
  • Nantwich Workhouse
  • Toll Roads in Cheshire
  • The Nantwich and Newcastle Toll Road
  • The Nantwich and Woore Toll Road
  • The Nantwich and Wheelock Toll Road
  • The Madeley and Whitchurch Toll Road
  • Roman Roads of Cheshire
  • Stage Coaches in Cheshire
  • Welsh Drovers – a history
  • Cheshire Cheese
  • The Worleston Dairy Institute
  • A Day at the Races – Nantwich’s own racecourse
  • The Battle of Nantwich
  • The Great Siege of Chester in the Civil War
  • Destruction of Property in Cheshire during the Civil War
  • The Massacre at Barthomley Christmas Day 1643
  • Cholera in Nantwich 1849
  • The Great Fire of Nantwich and other disasters
  • The Story of a River – Nantwich and the Weaver Navigation
  • The Cathedral of South Cheshire
  • Introduction to Acton Church

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