Online Nantwich History Exhibitions

This page features online displays of some of the temporary exhibitions that we have had at Nantwich Museum in the past. All showcase various elements of the town’s history.

40 years of Nantwich Museum exhibition

40 Years of Nantwich Museum (2020)

The Museum celebrated its 40th year anniversary in 2020. This exhibition showcases some of the highlights of these years.

To see the online version of this exhibition, please click here.

You can also find out about the history of the actual site of the Museum. This covers the old jail and how Nantwich Free Library came into fruition. To see this click here.

From Nantwich to Oxygen: Joseph Priestley’s Journey of Discovery (2019)

Developed with support from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the exhibition “From Nantwich to Oxygen: Joseph Priestley’s Journey of Discovery” focuses on the life of this famous scientist, theologian and teacher who lived and worked for a time in Nantwich. The exhibition formed part of 2019’s International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements celebrations.

From Nantwich to Oxygen: Joseph Priestley’s Journey of Discovery


Welsh Row exhibitionWelsh Row Through the Ages (2018)

Our exhibition on Welsh Row, held in 2018, was one of the most popular that we have had. Find out about the different names this street has had, and all the different buildings on this historic gateway to Nantwich.

Welsh Row Through the Ages


Ada Nield ChewEmpowerment of Women: A Local Perspective (2018)

Developed by members of the museum’s Research Group, the exhibition celebrates the centenary of the earliest successes of the women’s suffrage campaign.

It also celebrates the lives of three local women who, in different ways and at different times, took up the causes that the women’s suffrage movement fought for: the writer and community activist Helen Macfarlane, champion of women’s rights Ada Nield Chew, and most recently Gwyneth Dunwoody long-serving Member of Parliament for Crewe and Nantwich.

Empowerment of Women: A Local Perspective


The River Weaver exhibitionThe River Weaver: A Meander Through Time (2017)

Reflecting the significance of rivers to communities “River Weaver – a meander through time” is an exhibition which charts the story of how the river has shaped local history.

Historically, the River Weaver and its tributaries not only provided a water source and drainage, but also powered many mills. Brine springs associated with the river system were exploited, which ultimately led    to a chemical industry of international significance.

The River Weaver: a meander through time


Nantwich at Play exhibitionNantwich at Play (2015)

In 2015 we looked at how leisure activities had changed over the years. We investigated toys, Nantwich Fairs, bathing and swimming, cycling, cycling, sports, the Brine Baths Hotel, cinema and theatre and other recreational activities. What was it like swimming in woollen swimming costumes?

Nantwich at Play 2015


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