Events which shaped Nantwich

The Great Fire of Nantwich

The great fire of Nantwich

On December 10, 1583, a Nantwich brewer living in the Waterlode, accidentally started a blaze which burned for 20 days, destroying 150 houses, inns and other buildings. Read more about it here.

The Civil War

Nantwich Museum - Civil War Centre

Nantwich was a hotly contested town during the English Civil War with both the Royalists and Parliamentarians attempting to gain a foothold in the second most important town in Cheshire. Having garrisoned the town in 1643, the Parliamentarians were drawn into battle on 25th January 1644. This resulted in the first major Parliamentarian victory of the war. A large Royalist army was destroyed, leaving them weak in the north and with less manpower to defend themselves against the Scots who were invading England after forming an alliance with Parliament.  The Cheshire Civil War centre is in Nantwich Museum.

Usually every year the Battle of Nantwich is re-enacted by the Sealed Knot Society in the town. Sadly, due to Covid, this has been cancelled in 2021 and 2022. However you can learn more about this (and see a video of Holly Holy Day) here.