Nantwich Museum seeks information about Racecourse Camp 74, Tarporley

Document box madee by Italian prisoners of war at Racecourse Camp 74 near Taporley

Nantwich Museum is seeking more information about Racecourse Camp 74 near Tarporley, which housed World War II Prisoners of War. The Museum’s interest stems from a recently acquired hand crafted document box, currently on display at the museum, which was made by Italian prisoners in the camp using scrap wood. In 1943, three of the prisoners presented the box to Len Pearson, Camp 74 Foreman, who they clearly held in high esteem. The three, Paolo Testori, Cristoford Camisasca and Martino Michetti inscribed their names in the box. The gift was accompanied by a photograph dated 27 October, 1942, with writing on the back translated from the Italian as “So that you remember the Italian prisoners of the 74 camp”.

Racecourse Camp 74 was located on the site of Tarporley Racecourse. The site was actually near Oakmere, as this map shows:

The camp was demolished in 1953 and the only remaining evidence are two Emergency Water Supply Ponds. We are now keen to learn more about the Camp 74 and those who both worked and lived in there. We would be especially interested to find out more about those pictured in this photo:

Racecourse Camp 74 Tarporley photograph dated 27 Oct 1942

Please contact or telephone 01270 627104.

There’s more about this camp here:

(site external to Nantwich Museum).