Museum seeks to acquire local prehistoric hoard

Penannular ring part of Wrenbury hoard

As an Accredited Museum, Nantwich Museum has been offered the opportunity to purchase a Late Bronze Age Hoard found at Wrenbury. The hoard is around 3,000 years old, and involves seven items dating between 1150 – 800 BC, which is available at a total cost of £690.

The most valuable item is a gold penannular ring, otherwise known as a “hair-ring” or “ring-money”, and is believed to have been worn for personal adornment probably on the ears or nose. The remaining items are unusual consisting of various copper alloy fragments, one being ring-like, but of uncertain function and demand further research. All the items fall under the Treasure Act, 1996, the fragments by virtue of the fact that they were associated with the gold ring and consist of two base metals.

Museum Manager, Kate Dobson, commented: “The hoard would make a lovely addition to the Museum’s ‘Treasures of Nantwich’ exhibition, which has gradually been developed over the years to include Roman, Saxon and Tudor artefacts, but the Museum must find the £690”.

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