Nantwich Museum’s Exciting Future

Nantwich Museum Main Gallery

After 40 years of serving the community by recording the rich history of the town and its locality, Nantwich Museum is laying ambitious plans to update its Main Gallery. The Cheese and Dairy Room was updated in 2017 and the Cheshire Civil War Centre Gallery opened in 2019.

The four key elements in the design of the new gallery are:
• The story of Nantwich brine and the making of the high-quality salt for which the town was known and which was valued by the Romans
• The changing face of the town
• Events which shaped the town including the Great Fire of 1583
• Nantwich’s various trades and industries.

Modern displays are envisaged employing material from the Museum’s Collection with new technology enhancing interpretations, in part through the medium of oral histories.

Museum Manager, Kate Dobson, commented: “A lot of the groundwork for the re-development has already been covered, and the first phase of work with a design agency is already in hand. What was already a major challenge has now been made much more difficult by the pandemic and especially the question of finance, but that is being addressed with the practicality of the project in mind.”

Kate Dobson, Manager, Nantwich Museum

Anyone interested in joining this exciting project to shape the future Museum can do so by becoming a Friend of the Museum (Museum Member) or a volunteer on one of the specialist teams. If you would like to learn more, please contact the Museum. It is also possible to become a Museum Member online:

The Museum is an independent charity costing around £1,200 a week to run. About half its funding comes from grants awarded by Cheshire East Council and Nantwich Town Council. The remainder must be raised through other grants, donations and fund-raising activities.

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