Things to do

The Museum is now providing family friendly activities through the “Resources” section of its website:

Events that have shaped the town includes the downloadable comics: The Battle of Nantwich 1644 and The Great Fire of Nantwich.

There are Four Trails:.

Nantwich Town Trail cover
The Nantwich Town Trail guides participants around some of the most interesting sites in the town posing 13 questions in the process.

The Great Fire of Nantwich Tour first page

The Great Fire of Nantwich Trail takes you to where the fire started and guides you through how and where it spread.

Nantwich Museum Workhouse Trail cover
Nantwich Museum Workhouse Trail

The Nantwich Workhouse Trail tells the fascinating story of a side of past life that most people were only too keen to avoid.

116 Nantwich Benchmarks

The mysterious Nantwich Benchmark Trail  shows you that quite a few building in Nantwich have a special sign on them. Learn where to find them and what the signs were used for.

Nantwich Timeline
For those not wishing to venture out, the Nantwich Timeline outlines the history of the town illustrated by the beautiful tapestries which generally form part of the Nantwich History Tapestry designed and fabricated by Museum volunteers.

Elsewhere on our website visitors can learn about some of Nantwich’s Buildings and Prominent People Of The Past as well as viewing past and current exhibitions.