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Top 5 reasons to visit Bischofsheim

This article was written by Maria Burns and Millie Kirrane, two 15-year-old students from St. Thomas More Secondary School, Crewe, whilst doing work experience at Nantwich Museum.

Bischofsheim is a delightful German town in the Hesse region. It is situated to the east of the river Rhine, in the South-West of Germany. Along with Dzierżoniów in Poland and Mâcon in France, Bischofsheim is twinned with Crewe and Nantwich.

Bischofsheim has a broad range of attractions; from a 16th century castle to exciting festivals. It also has a rich history which spans over a number of centuries. Here is an informed list of 5 reasons to visit Bischofsheim:

  • Jagdschloss.

This 16th century castle is located just outside of Bischofsheim and it is directly on Lange Rhön Nature Reserve at an altitude of 800m. In German, Jagdschloss means hunting lodge. Not only does it host this splendid historical architecture, but it is also an ideal hiking location. Particularly noteworthy are the beautiful meadows and hedgerows, and the area was even declared as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1991.

  • An Interesting History:

Bischofsheim was first seen in historical documents as Bissescheim circa Menum in 1200. The town has a railway history similar to Crewe, it is commonly known as ‘Eisenbahnergemeinde’ (railway community.) There is a small museum in Bischofsheim called the Heimmat museum where you can find out more about the history of the town. Bischofsheim is also home to a large selection of historical buildings ranging from the Art-Nouveau Water Tower to the Protestant Baroque Church. Much like Nantwich, there are many half-timbered buildings in the town including the old town hall.

  • Rheinterrassen Cycle path:

Along the beautiful Rhine is a cycle path that allows you to explore the small towns and villages south of Bischofsheim. The path encompasses many vineyards, as the area is perfect for the cultivation of grapes such as Riesling for all those wine fanatics. This makes for an interesting and relaxing tour of the area and its diverse landscape of hills and agriculture.

  • Visit Frankfurt:

Take a half hour road trip or train journey to the beautiful city of Frankfurt, Germany’s 5th biggest city. You could visit Römerberg, in the city’s historic old town. There is an abundance of museums, art galleries and zoos, perfect for every member of the family.

  • Traditional festivals

There are many traditional festivals in the area including Mainfest, a festival originally for fishermen and boatmen where one of the attractions is the wine pumping from the fountain instead of water. The most popular is Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt. Held in late august, it is visited by 3 million tourists each year. During the festival, museums in the local area are open until late and there are a variety of interesting excursions.

As you can see, Bischofsheim is perfect for a day trip and the surrounding area is full of great experiences if you have the appetite for adventure.