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The Crown

The Crown is one of the oldest buildings in Nantwich. There is evidence that the cellars date back to at least the 14th century. It was destroyed in the Great Fire of Nantwich in 1584. The cost of rebuilding it, after the fire, was the highest of all the buildings in the town.

The Old Crown Inn c.1828 by Herbert St John © Nantwich Museum

Many famous people have visited The Crown, including the Duke of Monmouth (Charles II’s illegitimate son) who dined there in 1682. Besides being used as a hotel, the building has also been used as a court and a place of worship.

You can still eat, drink and stay in The Crown (see here for hotels’ web site).

You can find out more about this building in our leaflet The Crown. The Crown is also featured in our book on Nantwich Pubs, both the leaflet and the book are available from our shop.

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