Bright Warm Welcome at Nantwich Museum

The newly lit shop display at Nantwich Museum
The newly lit shop display at Nantwich Museum

Regular visitors to Nantwich Museum will have been immediately impressed by the new enhanced lighting in the foyer. LED lights have now been installed throughout the museum greatly enhancing the display of artefacts and exhibitions so improving the visitor experience.

The project, which included upgrading the shop display lighting and heating system, also aimed to reduce energy use making for all important reductions in museum running costs. It was just one part of the museum’s ongoing efforts to achieve a greener museum with all the savings that entails.

Museum Manager, Denise Courcoux, who oversaw the installation observed that: “Such is the success of the project that we now have better lighting which is more economical to run and, most importantly, achieves a significant reduction in ultra violet light compared with the old halogen lighting which helps to preserve our valuable artefacts.” She welcomed the improved visitor experience afforded by the upgrades and especially the prospect of economies offered by the more efficient technology.

The project was made possible through generous grants from Nantwich Town Council, Cheshire East Council and WREN’s FCC Community Action Fund.

Richard Smith, WREN’s grant manager for Cheshire, says: “It’s wonderful to see something we have funded finally open and ready to make such a difference to all visitors to the museum. WREN is always happy to consider grant applications for projects that benefit local communities and this is a great example of what can be achieved.”