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Support needed


Group enjoying a session about music through the ages at Nantwich Museum

Local people are being asked to come forward with ideas for a £400,000 community fund aimed at tackling health issues in their areas. This might include a single individual with an exciting idea to get people active where they live, to a local voluntary organisation experienced in providing support and advice to people to help them to eat healthily.

The money comes from the Council’s Public Health Service and is targeted at projects which will positively address health issues such as obesity, lack of physical fitness, and mental wellbeing on a very local level.

The initiative has been designed to maximise potential benefits by allowing local people to decide what will work for them in their area. This includes encouraging innovative projects which make the most of community links.

Final funding decisions are being made at events organised by Locality Networks and supported by staff in the Council’s Communities Service. These will provide a great opportunity for local people to choose which projects they feel will make the best difference to their local area, as everyone who attends will have a vote.

Our Project – Dementia Friendship Group: Phase Two

This project is to develop the Museum’s Dementia Friendship Group (established in 2013) into a second, more sustainable phase.

First we want to promote the group. We would print and distribute leaflets and buy a robust pull up banner that could be moved to various locations in Nantwich and Rural South to tell people about what we are doing.

Secondly and crucially it will focus on the development of the sessions themselves. It will, help staff and volunteers develop skills, enable us to try new ideas and celebrate the group; its value to the community and the skills and achievements of its members. Money will be spent on equipment (that can be reused or used for more than one purpose) and bringing in at least 3 external experts to lead a session and from whom we can learn from; key to ensuring that the project is sustainable.

To do this a year’s plan of activities will be developed that take their inspiration from exhibits, exhibitions and the heritage of Nantwich. It incorporates successful activities previously carried out as well as new ideas, notably working with external professionals. The culmination of this will be to put together our own mini exhibition. Photographs and information to be used for the exhibition will be collected throughout the year on a new ipad which can also be used to document the individual experiences of those attending.

We believe that the development of the group will allow us to:

  • Reduce social exclusion and feelings of isolation by making it easier to attend.
  • Increase physical comfort
  • Increase feelings of self worth and inclusion
  • Provide a supportive environment for carers
  • Increase sense of belonging to a community

We are requesting a total of £2,470.

Please vote for us

To register your vote (you must be over 12 years old) you need to turn up at Nantwich Civic Hall on Saturday 21st January, 2017. There will be an opportunity to listen to all of the presentations (which last just over an hour in total) and then vote for your favourite project(s).  It is crucial that you register before 10am, otherwise you can only listen to the presentations.

Please do come and support us if you can.  Please do contact us if you would like any further information.