Story Telling/Creative Writing

Use our unique object dialogue box for story-telling and creative writing. Let your imaginations run wild by using these tactile objects to develop characters and plots. These objects can all be linked to items in our collection but remove the need to learn lots of facts and offer creative and new ways in which to interpret other items on display.

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Or book for an inspiring, hands-on workshop created in partnership with the Young Actors. This workshops will allow children to access history through drama. All workshops use research and artefacts as their basis but are intended to encourage critical thinking and reflection.

Timothy Fivesteps

This workshop sees a departure from our traditional workshops as we enter the mystical world of Timothy Fivesteps and the Surreal Objects. Using completely unique objects inspired by the Museum’s collection, the purpose of this session is to fire up childrens’ imaginations, explore language, speech and writing skills, develop stories and use drama in order to help Timothy Fivesteps to deliver these very strange objects back to their owners.

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