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Story Sacks

The Craft Group were approached by the Museum’s Administrator with an idea of making story sacks for the Museum’s younger visitors. Some examples of their work can be seen on the wall.

What are Story Sacks?

A Story Sack is a cloth bag containing a children’s story book or rhyme sheet along with supporting materials to stimulate reading and language activities.

It aims to make reading more memorable and enjoyable for both parent/carer and child.

Why are we using them in the Museum?

By introducing story sacks, we hope that parents/carers and their children will take time to read together during their visit to the Museum, and encourage their children to make links between the stories or rhymes to the relevant displays/objects around the Museum.

Story Sacks to be made available from 2014:

Story or Rhyme                                                           Link to

Elves and the Shoemaker                                             Clothing and shoe making in Nantwich

Hickory Dickory Dock                                                   Clockmakers of Nantwich

The Grand Old Duke of York                                       The Battle of Nantwich

London’s Burning                                                            The Fire of Nantwich

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