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The Museum Shop

The refurbished shop in Nantwich Museum, which includes new illuminated shelving, was made possible by a Sustainability Grant from the Association of Independent Museums (AIM).

There are an interesting range of items for sale including books, jewellery, toys, postcards and souvenirs.

Greeting cards

Greetings cards

We have a nice selection of greetings cards and postcards featuring images of Nantwich.

Postcard #1a

These can be found alongside a wide selection of other greetings cards.


Nantwich Museum’s volunteer Research Group have prepared a fascinating range of inexpensive booklets, detailing various aspects of local history. Click here for details of current and future publications.

Jewellery and Scarves

Keep an eye out for our jewellery and scarf ranges.


Cheshire Ware Mugs

Mugs #1

These mugs are ideal for either those who are born and bred in Cheshire (see our Cheshire Lad and Cheshire Girl mugs) or for those who just simply love Cheshire or cats!

Roy Kirkham mugs


A beautiful range of mugs featuring wildlife and animal deigns are now out on display. This includes gift sets which make an ideal present.




We stock a range of toys which we are sure both children and adults alike will enjoy. Traditional toys include card games, knitting dolls, ballerina and clown trapezes, marbles, tiddlywinks, dominoes and pick up sticks. We also have a fantastic mini farm, bouncy balls and quill pens as well as replica coins and period jewellery.

Local History Books

Lost Houses in Nantwich (£15)

The new edition of the book, is fully illustrated and now includes a number of public buildings. The original text has been revised and there are an additional 50 photographs taken from the Museum collection, some of which are in colour, whilst the maps are based on the 1851 Ordnance Survey map of the town.

Nantwich Pubs (£11.95)

Bill & Andrew launch Nantwich Pubs Book

Written by local historian Andrew Lamberton and Bill Pearson, this book tells the story of the town’s pubs. It is well illustrated, with many old pictures of the buildings, and also the signs associated with many of them.  Many have a unique story to tell, like selling beer containing arsenic to a child, and several are associated with ghosts!

Britain in Old Photographs – Nantwich (£12.99)

Written by local historian Andrew Lamberton and former curator Anne Wheeler this book is divided into 14 chapters and includes no less than 180 photographs. It provides a lovely insight into all aspects of Nantwich life.

Nantwich: a brief history and guide (£5)

Written by Jane Stevenson and updated by Andrew Lamberton, this book provides a wonderful overview of the history of Nantwich and is a must for anyone exploring the area. Of particular help are the references made to other books, which can be consulted for further information, and the maps and illustrations that accompany the text.

Where the Fallen Live Forever (£17.99)


Written by Mark Potts and Tony Marks, this book commemorates the men on the First World War Memorials in Crewe and Nantwich. It also features a month by month account of the war on the home front. A large selection of photographs have been included throughout. It is a poignant reminder of the many men who did not make it home.

On the Civil War Trail in Cheshire

This pamphlet consists of drives and walks in the Cheshire region following the footsteps of Roundheads and Cavaliers. It is a bargain at just £1.

The Cheshire Hero

The Cheshire Hero (£7.50)

This book written by Dinah Andrews; local historian and member of Audlem History Society, informs the reader about the ‘eventful’ life of Stapleton Cotton who was to become Field Marshall Viscount Combermere of Bhurtpore. For anyone who has passed the equestrian statue outside the castle in Chester, wondering who the man on the horse is, this book is an essential read. Dinah explores the background, foreign exploits and legacy of Lord Combermere.

The Winter Siege (£8.99)

This work of fiction has been written by local author David Wilson. Set in Nantwich during the time of the English Civil War, this book gives a real insight into what life might have been like at the time.

As winter closes in around the town of Nantwich, the Civil War that rages across the country, threatening to tear England apart, is yet to reach the town’s gates. But while the residents wait, eyeing the outside world with unease, they face a deadly threat from within: townspeople have started dying – murdered – the red sashes of the Royalists left on the bodies marking them as traitors to the parliamentary cause.

It falls to Constable Daniel Cheswis to contain the bloodshed, but with few clues and the constant distraction of war, can he protect the people of Nantwich? And which among them need protecting? In these treacherous times, everyone’s a traitor, whether it be in war, law, or love.

God with Us

This was written by local man John Longworth and is a fictional story set in the during the English Civil War.

Tom’s encounter with King James I has unforeseen consequences. Romance, heartache and war ensue, but can the peace of this Nantwich briner be restored to peace as his plays his part through the monumental events of the English Civil War?

The Brine Baths Hotel (£2.50)

Written by another volunteer Derek Hughes, this book examines the history of the hotel which was effectively a spa resort in the 19th century. Tracing the history of the building, this book is made more interesting through the inclusion of Nantwich peoples’ stories of the hotel (in fact it was carrying out interviews that spurred Derek on to compile the book). Derek has dedicated his book to the Dabbers; the name given to those born and bred in the town.

Park Road Bowling Club (£2)

This pamphlet is also written by Derek Hughes and explores the link between the bowling club and the Brine Baths Hotel.

Acton Through the Ages (£14.50)

This is almost a 100 page account of the history of the Christian Religion, working-place, township, Parish and Church in Acton written by local man Gerald Emerton. As Mark Shrewsbury (Vicar for Acton, Worleston, Church Minshull and Wettenhall) writes in his foreword,  ‘Here you will discover an historian’s thorough research, a poet’s imagination and a sharp artistic eye that pays attention to the particular’…’He brings it to life so that the people, past and present, walk onto the page.’

Nantwich Life

Gareth Roberts brings together all of the different and also quite diverse aspects of life in Nantwich. Articles have been contributed by 35 different people who give an insight into the organisation in which they work or volunteer or about their involvement in a local concern. You will be amazed at just how much is going on in the town. Museum volunteer Andrew Lamberton also features in this book with an article about his research into Nantwich clocks.

The Salt Industry (£5.99)

It is not surprising  that we have this book considering the importance that the salt trade held within Nantwich. Andrew and Annelise Fielding have compiled this book using lots of images to look at the production of salt, the salt workers, the effects that this has had on the landscape and how salt was transported. Nantwich of course features in the book as do other salt producing towns in Cheshire such as Middlewich.

You can also gain a brief over view of salt production in Nantwich from an information sheet produced about discoveries made in the town.

Shire books

We have a selection of Shire Books – including some of their best-selling titles. Titles range  from Victorian Workshop to Chocolate.

Prices of Shire Books range from £4.99 to £10. Shire publications have been stocked by the Museum shop since it opened in September 1979.

Bradshaw Guidebadshawsguide

This Victorian railway guide has recently become more popular as a result of Michael Portillo’s TV series.

Books for children

We have several books for children including titles from the Horrible Histories series. We also have sticker and transfer activity books.

Fire of Nantwich Comic

1 Comic front page1

This comic is perfect for children who want to find out about the Fire of Nantwich, especially as the back page can be coloured in. It is also handy for adults as it provides a brief account of the event. It is only 50p too which makes it even better! Look out for our Nantwich Salt comic too!

 Ordnance survey map of Nantwich 1908 (£6)


The large-scale map, published as The Godfrey Edition, will be a valuable aid for anyone researching their family history, or who wishes to know how the town streets were laid out at the start of the 20th century.

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