Nantwich Museum

Nantwich Museum

Pillory Street, Nantwich, CW5 5BQ ~ Tel: 01270 627104

Schools, Colleges and Community Groups

Schools, colleges and community groups

Our workshops include:

  • National Curriculum related workshops
  • Hands on learning
  • Handling objects from the collection
  • Role play, living history and/or hot seating
  • Exploring the Museum displays
  • Tour of the town/riverside/canal

Reception and Key Stage 1

Introduction to Museums

A fun introduction to what a museum is and how it can help us learn about different people and places. Investigate objects and materials, handle objects and materials, try on costumes and discover similarities and differences between old and new.

bear1Toys Through Time

Come and meet our Edwardian teddy and his friends! Explore and identify differences between old and new toys. Learn how to handle fragile objects. Enjoy fun activities and play time.

The Great Fire of Nantwich

Become a Tudor fire detective and uncover clues in the Museum and around town. Learn about the importance of written evidence, try on replica Tudor costumes, take part in exciting role play. Explore the events of December 1583 and find out how people used to put out fires.
This topic can be linked to the Great Fire of London.

Key Stage 2


Discover how Nantwich changed during the Victorian era. Find out about the lives of Victorian people, handle real Victorian artefacts, explore the town and find clues about our Victorian past.

Discover Tudor Nantwich

Learn about rich and poor in Tudor Nantwich. Become a Tudor detective and examine objects, written evidence, costume and buildings to find out about life in the Tudor times. shoes

Discover Tudor Medicine

Examine Nantwich-born John Gerard’s famous ‘Herbal’ published in 1597 and uncover Tudor attitudes to illness and medicine. Take part in role play activities, handle artefacts and try on costumes.

Key Stage 2/3

World War II

Discover what life was like for local children and evacuees. Find out how Crewe and Nantwich contributed to the ‘was effort’. Handle real artefacts amd examine real documents from the period. Imagine what it must have been like to be a child during the Second World War.

The Civil War and Battle of Nantwich

Find out about the role Nantwich played in the Civil War during the 1640s. Examine real shot and cannon balls found around Nantwich, handle replica objects and try on costumes to learn about life in the 17th century. Decide whether you would have been a Royalist or a Parliamentarian.

Local Study

Examine maps, photographs, documents and artefacts to find out about Nantwich and the people who have lived and worked here. Discover how things have changed and developed over the years.

Sessions can be adapted to suit different ages and abilities up to KS4.

We have recently delivered sessions on archaeology, shoes and shoe making in Nantwich and the Romans in Nantwich.


Half day session (2-2.5 hours)  £3.50 per child. This includes object handling and for most topics a tour of the town.

Full day session £4.50 per child. This includes a practical activity session in the afternoon:

  •  Butter-making (Victorians and WWII)
  • Making soap balls (Tudors and Civil War)
  • Making model houses (Tudors and Victorians)
  • Making sock puppets (toys)

All of these sessions can be combined with a tour of St. Mary’s Church.

Outreach sessions

We can come out to your school.

£100 for a half-day and £180 for a full day

For more information or to book email:

We are always happy to adapt sessions to specific needs.



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