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Placement report from Edge Hill Student

Nantwich Museum regularly hosts works placements from schools, colleges and universities, helping young people to gain valuable skills and experience. Our most recent placement Ben shares his experiences here:

“Hi there! My name is Ben, and I am currently in my 2nd Year at Edge Hill University, studying Primary Education. Back in September, we were asked by the university to undergo 10 days of work experience, which linked in with our minor unit of study; mine being history. Since I was a boy, I have always lived in Nantwich, and so, the Museum was the perfect place to enquire about a possible placement.

Before I knew it, I arrived at the Museum doors on the 7th of December, ready to tackle the two weeks ahead. Upon arrival at the Museum, I had no idea of the scale of which the museum operated under. There is a huge emphasis on education and involving the community, and the sheer amount of support from the volunteers that help run this Museum is incredible. Within my first week, I was involved in a dementia awareness session and an education workshop with a group of local children. Both of these activities were planned extremely well, and despite the two groups being extremely different, both were engaged fully with the activities the museum had set out for them, and both groups enjoyed themselves massively.

In addition to this, I also assisted Barrie, one of the museums education volunteers, on many town tours. Not only did I begin to understand more about my own town, and where I grew up, I also learned about how I can use the local settings and surroundings of Cheshire, to teach fun, exciting and stimulating lessons. This was crucial for me to know in regards to my career, and I know that the information I have taken from these tours and talks, will stay with me throughout my vocation. Remember Barrie, history detectives always look…UP!

Furthermore, I also became involved with the Museum’s collections group. This involved the storing and numbering of the new artefacts that the Museum had gained over the past month. These ranged from World War 2 Helmets, Civil War musket balls, and even a Times newspaper article from the 19th century. Consequently, it was fascinating to see the amount of artefacts that the museum does have, and how they are preserved and documented, to ensure they stay safe, and accessible for future exhibitions.

Overall, my 10 days of work experience here at the museum have been outstanding. I have been involved in a vast variety of activities and events, and the warm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere of the museum made me feel right at home. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the museum manager Denise, and her team of staff and volunteers for working with me over the past two weeks, and for involving me in their day to day activities and events. Again, it has been truly amazing.

To the Museum, and anyone reading this blog, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.”