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Our Staff

Manager KateKate Dobson [M.A. in Museum Studies (Distinction); M.A. in Historical Research (Distinction); B.A. (hons) in History (2:1)] had been a volunteer at Nantwich Museum since 2008, with the experience encouraging her to pursue the MA in Museum Studies. She joined us in September 2010 as Community Learning Officer but was then promoted to Community Development Manager.

Initially, she was involved with working on the Museum Desk, greeting visitors and dealing with queries. She has also been involved in fundraising and has been present for new exhibits and events such as Holly Holy Day. After gaining four A-levels and an AS-level at Malbank School and Sixth Form, she gained her B.A. (hons) and an M.A. at Lancaster University followed by an M.A. at Leicester University. She had previously been on placement at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, in the Department for Informal Learning, which is part of the Education Department. She has also been involved in the organisation and co-ordination of groups of children as a volunteer and Level 2 coach at Crewe and Nantwich Athletics Club.

Saturday Assistant


Colin Davies is in charge of the Museum on Saturdays and also comes into the Museum during the week in a voluntary capacity. Some of Colin’s main responsibilities include the environmental monitoring of the Museum. This involves recording light and humidity levels on a regular basis. He also deals with many of the historic enquiries that come into the Museum. Colin also has a keen interest in local history and has also been developing skills in coin identification, storage and display, having recently attended several Numismatics Workshops that were run by North West Museum’s Development.

Our Volunteers

The Museum is reliant on the support of approximately 50 volunteers including our Board of Trustees. We will be adding more volunteer profiles in the future to give an insight into the many roles undertaken by volunteers.

Brian Cole

Brian (right) with a fellow volunteer helping to install an exhibition

Brian (right) with a fellow volunteer helping to install an exhibition

Brian is our newest trustee having joined the Board in summer 2013. Brian is a retired Chartered Civil Engineer and even constructed a network of sewerage tunnels under Nantwich in the early 1980’s. Following his 45 year career and having lived in Willaston for the past 37 years, Brian starting volunteering at the Museum in 2007. As the photo suggests Brian also takes an active role at the Museum, applying his practical skills for exhibition installation (and also the odd maintenance job) and is also able to explore his interests in local history as a member of the Museum’s Research Group. Come and see our Battle of Nantwich exhibition, jointly curated by Brian, which opens on 23rd January.

As a Trustee Brian is involved in strategic decision making and in ensuring that the Museum meets its aims and objectives. If you would like to find out any further information about becoming a trustee, please contact the Museum.

Graham Dodd Graham Dodd (right) discussing research to be included in an exhibition

Graham is also a trustee (Vice Chairman) and involved in many of the elements needed to run the Museum successfully. Graham brings a wealth of experiences and skills to the Museum and as Press Officer he is the man behind the articles, which can be seen in many local publications such as the Nantwich Link and Cheshire Life. Graham’s background in the chemical industry also serves to highlight the diversity of our volunteer’s backgrounds. Since retirement, Graham has been able to develop his interest in industrial archaeology and has been instrumental in contributing to our Nantwich People and Canal exhibitions. Earlier in the year (2013) Graham also curated his own exhibition, which examined the history of salt making in Nantwich. Graham delivers historic talks and is instrumental in many of the Museum’s operations. Despite all of this however, Graham still manages to pursue other interests including music and photography and many probably also know him as the Vice Chair of Nantwich Historical Society.

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