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Nantwich Museum Extends Range of History Booklets

New additions to the Nantwich Museum range of historical booklets

The range of booklets launched in March detailing various aspects of local history has been extended through the addition of four new titles: “The Canal at Nantwich,” Joseph Priestley, “Discoverer of Oxygen,” “Reverend Joseph Partridge on the Great Siege of Nantwich” and “John Weld Platt on the Siege of Nantwich.” The booklets have been prepared by Nantwich Museum’s volunteer Research Group in order to bring to the widest possible audience various aspects of the town’s rich history.

The abstracts from Partridge’s and Weld’s books are particularly timely appearing as the “Nantwich Besieged” exhibition opens on 21 July. The exhibition is accompanied by a Battlefield Walk and other walks and a series of talks considering various people and events of the time. Full details can be found on the museum’s website.

The booklets can be purchased from the museum shop at £2.95 each the entire proceeds going to support museum funds.