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Cheshire Civil War Centre

New for 2019, Nantwich Museum has created the Cheshire Civil War Centre.

Cheshire Civil War Centre
This provides an educational resource and project-based examination of the Civil Wars in Cheshire.

Cheshire Civil War Centre at Nantwich Museum

Learn how the Civil War spread through Cheshire, and Nantwich’s pivotal role in the war. Learn about:

  • The reasons why there was a Civil War and the parliamentarians and Royalists
  • Why Cheshire was so important and why the king came to Chester
  • The Bunbury agreement
  • The first Battle of Nantwich
  • Life in Nantwich when it was a garrisoned town
  • The Barthomley massacre
  • The Nantwich garrison mutiny

Exhibits include a ‘lobster tail helmet’, armour and shot:

Civil war helmet

and a 1.2 metre (4 ft) long Civil War musket and a 5.2 metres (just over 17 ft) reproduction Civil War pike.

The centre is trying to paint an accurate picture by peeling apart the conventional stories, which were mostly propaganda. The centre has been created with help from the National Civil War Centre at Newark Museum and Grosvenor Museum at Chester as well as The Sealed Knot.

Some of the Centre’s objectives will be to:

  • Provide a series of temporary exhibitions, including an annual exhibition each year associated with Holly Holy Day, to introduce the public to new aspects of the Civil War in Cheshire.
  • Supply information about the Civil War in Cheshire from contemporary and modern sources.
  • Provide courses on the Civil War in Cheshire including evening classes, talks at the Museum and to local societies.
  • Seek archaeological evidence of the Nantwich town walls to supplement the extensive written evidence.
  • Develop relationships with groups, universities and institutions with an interest in the Civil Wars.

Civil war helmet

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