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Nantwich Museum

Pillory Street, Nantwich, CW5 5BQ ~ Tel: 01270 627104

Latest Exhibitions

Welsh Row Through the Ages

by Nantwich  Museum Research Group

18th July – 13th October 2018

This exhibition looks at how Welsh Row has changed through time. See here for more details.

Contours and Colours in Paint and Print

by Margaret Gill and Barbara Barlow 

4th September – 27th October 2018

Sharing the works of local artists through a range of works including still life, studies and locally inspired subjects.

Empowerment of Women – a Local Perspective

by Nantwich  Museum Research Group

30th October – 21st December 2018

Celebrating national and local events along with the lives of local women who, in different ways and at different times, took up the causes that the women’s suffrage movement fought for.

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