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Millennium Gallery

Nantwich Civic Society at 50

14th November – 20th January 2018

Old picture of shops in Swine Market in Nantwich

This is an exhibition celebrating the work of Nantwich Civic Society, together with a selective look at buildings constructed in Nantwich over the last 50 years.  The exhibition, which has opened in the Millennium Gallery and runs until Saturday 20 January 2018, celebrates the work of Nantwich Civic Society, which was founded in 1967.

The Society is a voluntary organisation, which campaigns to improve the environment and the quality of life in Nantwich. It encourages good quality design in new buildings and promotes the conservation of historic structures.

The exhibition tells how the Society was formed. This was at a time when the town of Nantwich was witnessing many dramatic changes, including the loss of buildings of historic and architectural importance.

Photographs in the exhibition provide a selective view on buildings constructed in Nantwich over the last 50 years to help stimulate thoughts and comments about modern architecture, and how new buildings might be designed in future, so that they can best enhance the town.

The exhibition is accompanied by a display of work produced by the Museum’s Dementia Friendship Group following sessions with artist, Kate Eggleston-Wirtz. Shoes were used as a medium for exploring personal journeys and the exhibition marks the culmination of a six month project.

Admission is free to the museum and exhibitions.

For further information contact: Nantwich Museum on or telephone 01270 627104.


14th November – 20th January

An exhibition comprising art work produced following sessions led by artist Kate Eggleston-Wirtz exploring individual journeys.

Over a six month period, participants of the Museum’s Dementia Friendship Group used shoes as a medium for sharing and discussing the journeys that they have made. This was possible through a grant from Cheshire East’s Participatory Budget Fund.

Find out more about the Museum’s Dementia Friendship Group.


Your Space


Kaleidoscope 3

24th October – 6th January

Kaleidoscope 3 involves a collection of recent work by local artist Gordon Lancaster building upon the success of two earlier exhibitions at Nantwich Museum.

A variety of subjects are featured, some involving local scenes and will appeal to a wide audience. There are different styles and media including oils, acrylics, charcoal, ink prints and small water colours.

Gordon Lancaster has participated in nearly 90 exhibitions including one-man shows. His work has been commissioned by, among others, Coventry Cathedral and a number of Local Authorities and can be found in public and private collections in this country and abroad.

Some of the paintings in the exhibition will be available for sale.


Coming Soon to the Millennium Gallery

Cheshire ViewsCAN (Cheshire Artists' Network)
An exhibition featuring an enormous range of expressions of work in and about Cheshire manifesting itself in 2D and 3D work. The group itself has been in existence for ten years with many of the group living in and around the Nantwich area.
For more information about the group visit
24th January - 14th April 2018
A Life in ColourDavid Jewkes
'Dabber' David Jewkes explores his life in this colourful exhibition. David has recently been involved in the Crewe Jigsaw which in on display at Crewe Railway Station.
18th April - 14th July 2018
Welsh Row (title to be confirmed)Nantwich Research Group
Research is currently being carried out for this exhibition. If you would like to find out how you can get involved email:
18th July - 13th October 2018
Kaleidoscope 3Gordon Lancaster
An exhibition of landscapes, buildings and townscapes in a variety of painting styles. This will be Gordon's third exhibition at the Museum.
31st October - 6th January 2018
Battle of Nantwich (title to be confirmed)Nantwich Museum Research Group9th January - 24th February
The Face of NantwichCath Kelly and Polly Walker
Portraits of the people of Nantwich including some well known characters
27th February - 14th April
Rotary Childrens' Art and Handwriting CompetitionNantwich Rotary Club17th April - 2nd June 2018
Nantwich Buildings and Other PlacesSimon Bowler
Original drawings and prints in pen, ink and colour pencil
5th June - 21st July 2018
PathwaysConnected Threads
A group of non-professional textile artists who regularly meet in Nantwich
23rd July - 1st September 2018
British Wildlife, or is it?Cath Kelly
An exhibition showing wildlife and domestic animals with a small quiz for viewers to guess if the animal is indigenous, domestic and or endangered.
4th September - 27th October 2018
Representing the PeopleNantwich Museum Research Group
Celebrating 100 years of political representation of women in a Nantwich context
30th October - 8th December 2018