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Hurleston Brooch

A medieval

hurlseton brooch

The Hurlseton brooch

brooch discovered in 2009 during a metal detecting rally at Hurleston, near Nantwich, is on show at the Museum.

Known as the Hurleston Brooch, the solid gold artefact, which is about 30mm across, is highly decorative, ornate and a fine example of its type. It must have belonged to a wealthy individual and would have served to symbolise that person’s wealth and high status.

The brooch has been acquired by the Museum (see below) where it makes an attractive addition to existing displays. It helps to illustrate the role that jewellery has played through the ages with particular reference to this locality. Previously, no brooches in the Museum’s collection predated the 19th century. There is a plain buckle of similar date on permanent display in the Museum.

Having been declared Treasure Trove, the brooch was offered to Nantwich as the nearest accredited museum to the find site.