Nantwich Museum

Nantwich Museum

27 Pillory Street, Nantwich, CW5 5BQ ~ Tel: 01270 627104



Half day session (2-2.5 hours)  £2.50 per child. This includes object handling and for most topics a tour of the town.

Full day session £3.50 per child. This includes a practical activity session in the afternoon:

  • Butter-making (Victorians and WWII)
  • Making soap balls (Tudors and Civil War)
  • Making model houses (Tudors and Victorians)
  • Making sock puppets (toys)

All of these sessions can be combined with a tour of St. Mary’s Church.

Outreach sessions

We can come out to your school.

£100 for a half-day and £180 for a full day

For more information or to book email:

We are always happy to adapt sessions to specific needs.