Inspirations Day

We were pleased to welcome a group of children from local school, Wyche Primary as part of their Aspirations Day. The children who came had chosen to visit the Museum and gained an insight into what it is like to work in such an organisation. The children were able to open up the Museum for us, take environmental readings, design a quiz and work the shop’s till. The children also assessed an item from the Museum’s collection and completed an object entry form, including as much detail as they could about it.

From the Museum’s point of view it was great to see such enthusiasm and there was a real interest in the research side of things, indicating a real interest in local history.

A link to an article about the initiative can be found on the Crewe Guardian website.

Pupils Reconstruct Great Fire of Nantwich

A reconstruction of the Great Fire of Nantwich
A reconstruction of the Great Fire of Nantwich

Pupils from Blackfriars School increased their understanding of the Great Fire of Nantwich when they returned to school.

As you can see in the picture, the models that they made with us were used to construct their own Tudor street. The fire shows the consequences of using flammable building materials and building houses close together.