New School Workshops

Three completely new workshops are being made available for schools this academic year.

Working in partnership with The Young Actors, we have created these inspiring, hands-on workshops that will allow children to access history through drama. All workshops use research and artefacts as their basis but are intended to encourage critical thinking and reflection.

The sessions are:

1. World War One

This session developed as we investigated the impact that war on the locality for an exhibition.

Opening with a focus on the Belgian refugees who came to Nantwich, we will be encouraging participants to think about what this experience would have been like and some of the emotions that refugees may have felt. This will be then juxtaposed as we turn to look at what life would have been like for locals in particular the reactions to recruitment. We move on to examine some of the consequences of war which provides the opportunity to delve into the role of convalescent homes, of which there were several in the local area. The session will conclude with us thinking about the aftermath of war and remembrance.

Various activities will be included throughout including writing poetry, staging a recruitment drive and adding to an installation.

This session is aimed at children in years 5 and 6. It allows pupils to consider factual information whilst drawing on emotional and moral issues.

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WW1 Workshop Information

2. John Gerard

Meet John Gerard, a Tudor herbalist who was born in the Nantwich area and find out more about Tudor attitudes to health. Using living history, children will be able to ask John Gerard about what it was like to live during this time. What fears did the Tudors have, was life the same for everyone? Explore the town, handle objects and then make your own medicine under the watchful eye of Mr. Gerard.

John Gerard Workshop Information

3. Timothy Fivesteps

This workshop sees a departure from our traditional workshops as we enter the mystical world of Timothy Fivesteps and the Surreal Objects. Using completely unique objects inspired by the Museum’s collection, the purpose of this session is to fire up childrens’ imaginations, explore language, speech and writing skills, develop stories and use drama in order to help Timothy Fivesteps to deliver these very strange objects back to their owners.

Timothy Fivestep and Surreal Object Information

Salt Sunday

Nantwich Museum featured a part of its Celebration of Salt exhibition at the recent Salt Sunday event held at Winnington. The exhibition focussed on the literary celebrations of the local salt industry. In particular the Blessing the Brine hymn which formed a part of the celebrations of the gift of the brine which took place for a time on Ascension Day. A painting by Nicholas Ferenczy entitled Blessing the Brine was commissioned for the original exhibition and depicts the event. Copies in post card form can be obtained from the museum shop.

Salt Sunday was initiated in 2007 by the Bishop of Birkenhead as a celebration of the natural resource and a means of strengthening  the links between salt-related industries and the community.

Visitors inspect the Nantwich Museum stand at Salt Sunday  11 May 2014

Tudor Dress Hook Arrives

A Tudor cast silver-gilt dress hook has recently been acquired by the Museum. Found by a metal detectionist at Baddiley the dress hook, which measures approximately 30mm, weighs 7.9g and contains more than 10% precious metal, is regarded as an excellent example of its type. It is decorated with five flower motifs and raised pellets with a curved hook on the back. Such hooks would have been paired with a loop for fixing and typically been a part of female clothing.

The hook was declared treasure when it was found and was offered to Nantwich as the nearest accredited museum to the find site.

The dress hook will be on display shortly.

Dementia Friendship Group

Anyone who is living with dementia or caring for someone with dementia is welcome to join us on the first Monday of each month from 2pm.

Our Millennium Gallery offers a comfortable and relaxed environment for our sessions where people are free to come and go as they please. The sessions have a different theme each week and use objects from our specially created reminiscence boxes and the Museum’s collection. There is opportunity to have a chat about the theme, sometimes an activity (always chance to handle objects) and always a cup of tea and chance to meet other people. As the Museum is closed to the general public on a Monday, we have the entire Museum available for this group’s use.

We have been working with the Alzheimer’s Society and staff assisted by volunteers will be present throughout.

This is a free event.

If you would like further information please contact us on 01270 627104 or

We would appreciate, if possible, for you to contact us if you are planning on attending a session.

Our next seesion is based on Entertainment.


The Museum of the Future – Special Video

A Stormtrooper and Roam soldier
A Stormtrooper and Roman soldier
Busy drawing
Busy drawing


   ‘The Museum of the Future’ was an event that we held in October. As part of the national Big Draw Campaign and the Family Arts Festival, we invited visitors to have a go at drawing what they thought the museum of the future might look like. We had in the region of 100 drawings! Ideas ranged from transport of the future, to pets, food and armour. We were joined on the day by a Roman soldier, a soldier from the English Civil War and, travelling from the future, a stormtrooper.  

After the event, a special video was made that can be viewed on You Tube. Take a look.


The Craft Group

The Museum’s craft group has been meeting since 2011. They meet every Tuesday between 10 and 12. Its an informal group that takes on a variety of crafts that are of interest to the members.

Meetings are free of charge but regular specialist workshops are planned for which a charge will be made.

Projects that the group is undertaking include: creating Christmas decorations for the Museum, making costumes, items for sale in the Museum shop and a timeline unique to Nantwich which is on display in the exhibition.

Their exhibition is on until the 28th of December.

Pupils Reconstruct Great Fire of Nantwich

A reconstruction of the Great Fire of Nantwich
A reconstruction of the Great Fire of Nantwich

Pupils from Blackfriars School increased their understanding of the Great Fire of Nantwich when they returned to school.

As you can see in the picture, the models that they made with us were used to construct their own Tudor street. The fire shows the consequences of using flammable building materials and building houses close together.

Results of Dabbers’ Dish Competition

Dabbers Dish Prize
L-R: Coun. John Lewis, Bill Pearson, Kate Dobson, Harry Clewlow, Ronnie Clewlow, Coun. Stuart Hutton.

The Museum  hosted the presentation of the Dabber’s Dish contest on Sunday 22 September.

This competition was organised by Councillor Stuart Hutton of Nantwich Town Council to find a recipe that most represents Nantwich’s cooking and to find out how locals have been inspired by events, businesses, local produce and ingredients.

There were two winners of the competition, which had a business and individuals category.

Clewlows won the business category with their Pork and Chutney Dabber’s pie. Harry Clewlow and grandson Ronnie received the trophy and  handed out samples which were very well received.

Bill Pearson won the individual’s trophy with an equally tasty looking Nantwich cheese and onion soup. The recipe along with some further information can be found on Bill’s Dabber Dish site (at foot of this page).

Dabber Pie
Dabber Pie

We reproduce Councillor Hutton’s encouraging comments below:

‘Nantwich is considered one of the great foodie destinations but we don’t have a typical dish, unlike other towns such as Stoke with their oatcakes and Cornwall with the pastie.

“It was a pleasure to be able to present the awards to the winners of the competition, Mr Pearson for his wonderful ‘Nantwich Cheese and Onion Soup’, and to H. Clewlow Butchers for their famous ‘Dabber’s Pie’. I’m extremely grateful to all the businesses and individuals that entered the competition. The eagerness of local people to get involved in this and other initiatives goes to underline just what makes our town such a great place to live and visit – the people.

Dabber Soup
Nantwich Cheese & Onion Soup

“I was bowled over by some of the creativity displayed by the competitors some of whom have given permission for their ideas to be published in the museum’s recipe book (available soon). The quality of the winning entries is also a testament to the excellent local produce available in and around our town.

“I hope local people will take these recipes to their hearts – or stomachs – have a go at making them at home and maybe even add their own twists.”


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