School: Brine Leas school

Subject: Citizenship


Project: To develop an “App” that can be marketed and embossed on a t-shirt.  The theme will be “ The British Empire”


Ian Carroll representing MBS IT  spent a day with Year 8 helping them to develop their thoughts and ideas.  “In general, their ideas were great and some in particular were amazing – could easily have passed as being designed by Jony Ive Apple!!”

The theme brought to the fore the idea of holiday destinations.  Thoughts included holidays to the colonies e.g. India, Australia, Canada and colonial outposts located in the Americas during the 17th century.  Interestingly, London was the most popular holiday spot.

Ian Carroll Said “I was taken aback by the flair, enthusiasm and sheer professionalism demonstrated by the students. In small groups of three, they approached the subject and were relentless in their pursuit of perfection.  If Apple employees had been present in the classroom, they may have offered  a few of the students a job!”

Find below the winning entries:




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