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Nantwich Museum’s volunteer Research Group have prepared a fascinating range of inexpensive booklets, detailing various aspects of local history:
New additions to the Nantwich Museum range of historical bookletsThe following booklets can be purchased from the museum shop, with the entire proceeds going to support museum funds.

  • A Day at the Races
  • A. N. Hornby: Famous Victorian Sportsman
  • All the Fun of the Fair
  • The Battle of Nantwich
  • From Bow and Arrow to Gunpowder in the Trained Bands
  • The Brine Baths Hotel
  • The Canal at Nantwich
  • Cocoa House and Cocoa Yard
  • The Crown Hotel
  • The English Civil War re-enacted
  • Every Milestone has a History
  • The Farndon Civil War Window
  • The Frigate ‘Nantwich’ at War, 1655-1660
  • Great Fire of Nantwich and Other Disasters
  • James Hall and his History of Nantwich
  • James Hall: A Nantwich Historian on the English Civil War
  • John Gerard and his Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes
  • John Mills – Nantwich Banker
  • John Weld Platt on the Siege of Nantwich
  • Joseph Priestley, Discoverer of Oxygen: His time in Nantwich 1758-1761
  • Landscape with Mills
  • Lost House of Welsh Row
  • Mapping and Listing Nantwich
  • Mr Ralph Hulse versus Mr William Spence Tollemache in the Chester County Court, 1851
  • Nantwich 75 years ago: Chapters from Johnson’s Directory of Nantwich
  • Nantwich in 1850 – Bagshaw Directory
  • Nantwich to Congleton Turnpike Trust
  • Nantwich Salt
  • Nantwich and Wheelock Turnpike Trust
  • Nantwich and Woore Turnpike Trust
  • Nantwich – a Quiet Market Town. Far from it!
  • Nantwich Surrounded. A Walled Garrison Town
  • Nantwich Walled Garden
  • The Nantwich Parochial Library of St Mary’s Church
  • Nantwich Railways
  • Nathaniel Lancaster on the Siege of Chester
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme and Nantwich Turnpike Trust
  • Reverend Andrew Fuller Chater
  • Reverend Joseph Partridge on the Great Siege of Nantwich
  • The Crown at Nantwich
  • The River Weaver in Nantwich: An Introduction to its History and Science
  • The Story of Nantwich Brine
  • Thomas Dunning – the Nantwich Chartist
  • Tracing Turnpike Roads
  • Whitchurch and Madelely Turnpike Trust
  • The Zoos of Nantwich

Please keep visiting to see new titles.

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