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Nantwich Museum Remembers Cllr. Norma Simpson

Nantwich Museum will honour the memory of Cllr. Norma Simpson at its Coffee Morning on Friday 27 July. Cllr. Simpson, who recently died, had been a Member of the museum for 25 years. She was elected to Nantwich Town Council in 2007 and for a number of years represented the Council as a Trustee on… (read more)

EqualiTeas Event at Nantwich Museum’s Coffee Morning

This month’s regular Coffee Morning at Nantwich Museum on Friday 29th June 2018 is one of over 2,500 EqualiTeas events throughout the country celebrating the 1928 Equal Franchise Act, which finally gave men and women over 21 years old the right to vote on the same basis. It is an opportunity to celebrate the ninetieth… (read more)

The Quantum Poet

On Friday 13th July 2018, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm, Dean Fraser the Quantum Poet, performance poet, storyteller and author of a number of poetry collections will be giving a charming free poetry recital. For further information contact: Nantwich Museum on or telephone 01270 627104.

Art in Action at Nantwich Museum

Art in Action is a painting demonstration by local artist David Jewkes forming part of his successful exhibition, A Life in Colour running in the Millennium Gallery at Nantwich Museum until Saturday 14 July 2018. From 10.30 am – 4.30 pm on Tuesday 29 May 2018 David will be in the gallery working on one of his… (read more)

Nantwich Museum Welcomes New Museum Manager

Elliot Goodger has been welcomed by the Nantwich Museum Trustees to the post of Museum Manager, providing temporary cover as existing Manager, Kate Dobson, takes maternity leave. Elliot, from Rednal, Birmingham is a graduate of the University of Leicester, Aston University and Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage at the University of Birmingham. He has… (read more)