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10 reasons to visit Dzierżoniów in Poland

This article is written by Poppy Metcalfe, a 16 year old student at Cheshire College – South and West, about our new twinning partner.

This page is also available in Polish here.

Whether you are interested in European architecture, culture or history (spanning from the medieval period to WW2) you will find it in Dzierżoniów. There are many great ways to experience the city, as part of a route through the Red Trail which conveniently passes through, on bike or public transportation.

Here is our list of 10 reasons to go to unique and architecturally rich Dzierżoniów!

 1. Rich History and Culture 

In 1526 the Bohemian kingdom (including Dzierżoniów) went under the Hapsburgh’s rule. During this century there was a huge development in trade, especially the handicraft and textile industries, with the ensuing period referred to as “the golden age” of the town. Tragically, this period ended with the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War. Followed by one hundred years of relative peace; once again broken with the beginning of the Silesian Wars of 1740 – 1763. As a result, Dzierżoniów joined Prussia. In the years 1816 to 1820 the town became the capital of four regions of Sisian province. The impact of these events can be seen in Dzierżoniów’s museums. 

2. Amazing Museums 

The first museum, Mlyn Hilberta, the foundation for the Protection of Silesian industrial heritage is not unlike Nantwich museum. It exhibits the industrial history of Dzierżoniów’s steelworks, mines and textile factories. There are also other museums in the area where you can learn about the history of Dzierżoniów.

3. Beautiful Landscapes and Architecture 

Dzierżoniów is surrounded by greenery, the buildings are a mixture of features, from Neo-Romanesque, Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque with the elements of regional architecture that reflects its population.

4. Picturesque Holy Places  

• St George’s Church holds the title of being the oldest building having been built in 1258. It was occupied by the Knights of the chivalric order of Saint John the Baptist for five centuries. This medieval church contains many items of interest such as: 17th century alter and pulpit, 1800 Organ, Titschart family epitaph and Renaissance Zedlitz family tombstones.
• The Holy Trinity Chapel, according to an old record, was the site of a pagan temple constructed by a Roman commander called Luca.
• The Synagogue only survived destruction by the Nazis because it served as an administrative building for the Hitlerjugend. After the war, it was once again used for its original purpose.

5.  Stroll Down the Dragon’s Route

The Dragon’s Route is a tourist and walking route which runs through the most interesting places in Dzierżoniów, starting at the City hall.
• The City Hall, which is mostly built in the Victorian gothic style. It stars a decorative openwork gallery, a late Renaissance dome with a spire crowned with a gilded ball, and an old antique clock mechanism.
• Outside are the Baroque statues, including the statue of St. John of Nepomu.​​​​​​​
• Church of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
• 13th century church of St. Trinity
• Cloth Hall
• Hangman’s house
• The city walls can be observed, built at the end of the 13th century at the command of the Prince.

6. Festivals and Events

In Dzierżoniów lots of outdoor events are held such as:-
• St. George’s Fair in April
• Days of Dzierżoniów
• Poetry on the Walls in June
• Honey Harvest in August 
• Dzierżoniów Presentations in September.  

7. Our Best Mates

Did you know Crewe and Nantwich is twinned with Mâcon in France, Bischofsheim in Germany and Dzierżoniów in Poland? Bonus points if you can pronounce all the names! Mayor of Nantwich Cllr David Marren said: “I am delighted our friends from Dzierżoniów are here to formalise our friendship agreement which was approved by the Town Council in March 2016”

“Our agreement aims to develop cultural, educational, sporting and recreational links for mutual benefit particularly through exchange visits and tourism and I know through my own experience that it will give young and old an opportunity to share ideas, views, experiences and to build new connections and friendships.”

8. Beautiful Market Square

Surrounding the town hall is the market place which was stylised in the 13th century and has remained the main square of the city. You will find lots of places to eat, and unique shops on Market Street.

9. Surrounded by Nature

Perfect for walks and tours, there are several countryside paths and routes running through the picturesque Dzierżoniów countryside. The information found in the Trail Maps enriches the experience of the natural environment. There are many conservation areas for rare species of plants.

10. The Owl and Ślęża mountains.

Dzierżoniów lies in between the feet of two magnificent mountain ranges. First the Owl Mountains, which are great for hikers and day-trippers because of their beautiful landscapes. Secondly, Sobótka – The Ślęża Mountain is famous for its Pagan religious practices. It was a holy place of the heathen tribes of the Lusatian culture. The Red Trail also runs through these mountains.

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